Amanda Seyfried’s got a new film out, and she looked great at the premier in London yesterday. The film’s about Little Red Riding Hood, and werewolves, and all sort of fascinating and radical interpretations of the original story. 

Did you know, in one of the early German versions of the story, Little Red Riding Hood managed to escape from the wolf disguised as grandma by trying to take a dump in the bed?

Yeah, seriously, right there in the bed. And the wolf was all “Hey, what are you doing you crazy broad, go take a dump in the woods like a bear might” and she managed to escape, despite having a string tied round her to stop her escaping. Check out the trailer:

Oh, and often, the wolf would have sex with Little Red. Or feed her grandma to her, chopped up like steaks. It’s a pretty fucked up story, and our sanitised version where the woodsman shows up and brutally murders the wolf then yanks grandma and/or Little Red out of his stomach is pretty tame in comparison.

This new film, though, looks to be closer to a game of Werewolf than the archetypal story of one young girl viciously discovering that she’s in fact a woman, now, by means of wolves and metaphor – a werewolf has been murdering villagers and Gary Oldman (playing some kind of inquisitor) reckons that the shapeshifter is living inside the village. Cue lots of accusations and witch-hunt-stylee shenanigans.

It looks pretty good, and it combines 700-year-old folklore with Nine Inch Nails, so it gets a thumbs up in our book.

Amanda Seyfried at the London Premier of Red Riding Hood
Red's new cloak was so avant-garde it was made entirely from letters

Red Riding Hood is out on 15 April 2011, but make sure not to talk to any strangers on the way to the cinema