We're guessing, here. Amanada Seyfried could have turned up for the Berlin photocall for In Time early, but that doesn't make for such a snappy headline. 

In Time is a film which you've probably heard of if you've turned on the telly, looked at a magazine or been near any buses recently as it's been promoted bloody EVERYWHERE.

Set in a dystopian future, it starts singer-turned-actually-quite-good-actor Justin Timberlake as a down-on-his-luck chap from the wrong side of the tracks struggling to survive and Amanda Seyfried as well-heeled rich girl with a funky Blade Runner-style haircut.

 Amanda Seyfried at the In Time photocall in Berlin
Well, not in this picture. Obviously

Here's how it's dystopian – in the future, everyone will be genetically engineered to live until the age of 26 at which point they drop dead, supposedly eliminating the population crisis and keeping everyone young, hip and cinematically appropriate.

But it's possible to earn more time (which folk use instead of money as a currency, now – time is money, after all, ha ha) and if you're rich, you can live forever and never physically age past 26. Or, alternatively, you can steal time by killing people and sucking it out of them.1

Amanda Seyfried at the In Time photocall in Berlin

It's all a stark metaphor for health insurance, we're sure, but the sort of metaphor where everyone looks good, carries guns, gets in high-stakes poker games and participates in illegal Time Fights. Plus the entire thing is riddled with more dodgy puns than is strictly necessary, but we can get behind that.

In Time is out in cinemas now

1 By the way, future genetic engineers, don't implement this feature. It's really daft and although it serves as a great source of movie narrative, it's tremendously short-sighted