If you’re going to the premiere of Red Riding Hood, and you play red riding hood, wouldn’t it be hilarious if you wore red? Like, a subtle nod to the film but without any massive showboating.

But Amanda Seyfried opted for purple at said premiere of said film, which makes no sense from a semantic perspective, but is okay really, because we like Amanda. Am-Sey, that’s what we call her.

Amanda was unaware her shoe was leaking crude oil

She is starring in Red Riding Hood, a modern take of, er, Red Riding Hood. Think of it as a 21st century twist on a classic, predictable format. It’s about this werewolf that attacks the village, but it can also turn back into a person, so anyone in the village could be the wolf. Gripping, no? It’s like Cluedo, almost.

And of course, this involves Amanda Seyfried being all distressed and in peril, because she has this intricate connection to the wolf, apparently. This means she is really important to the story. It also means that she probably won’t die until the very, very end.

We think this could be a good film – it features Gary Oldman (NOOOO SIRIUS!!!) and is produced by Leonardo Di Caprio (a logical choice, we think you’ll agree). Also, something interesting/mildly on-topic; Wikipedia lists a total of 9 films under the name Red Hiding Hood.

Not so much 'wrapping up' as 'draping casually'

FHM’s Film Connoisseur Olly Richards also happened to mention that the film is directed by the man who does all that Twilight schmuck, so our initial elation at the film has been replaced with teeth-grinding angst.