Man, two Amber Heard articles in one day! You're lucky, lucky people. Most websites might limit themselves to one, or even none, but we're powering through with two anyway because we KIND OF LOVE HER.

First, we had a load of pictures (and a tiny amount of chat) about her in our semi-exclusive John Carpenter interview. And by semi-exclusive, we doubt anyone else asked him the exact same inane questions that we did.

Amber Heard at The Rum Diaries premiere
Probably no-one else has the same weird interest in fake blood that we do

And now here she is looking even better than before (although before she was dressed as a terrified mental patient, so it's not too hard) in a fantastic red dress on account of her being at the premiere of new film-type thing The Rum Diary.

The Rum Diary is based on a book written way back in 1961 by writer and drug-taker extraordinaire Hunter S Thompson. It's got Johnny Depp in it (who happened to launch the firework containing Hunter's ashes at his funeral, which is how we want to be buried by the way) who plays Paul Kemp. 

Mr Kemp is a washed-up journalist writing for The San Juan Star (a Caribbean newspaper) who starts drinking a bunch of rum and becomes obsessed with the beautiful Chenault, played by Amber Heard.

Amber Heard at the premiere for the Rum Diaries
She doesn't wear a lot of clothes in the film. We're down with that

See, that's a character we can get behind. A strung-out journalist who binges on rum and is struggling with an Amber Heard obsession - we can sympathise entirely. Top bloke.

If you'd like to hear more about this incredibly likeable fellow and his rum-based exploits, then feel absolutely free to watch the trailer below which contains even more Amber Heard: