Hey Guess, we might just love you, you know. First you bring Kate Upton to our full and rapt attention with your sexy advert where she took her clothes off, and now you’re plying us with the beautiful Amber Heard dressed up all old-fashioned in a variety of sexy outfits. You keep this up, we might have to go out and buy a pair of your jeans, you mark our words.

Busses aren’t the most intrinsically sexy or intriguing objects, but somehow Amber Heard manages to pull one off in this advert for clothes or something. She’s done up like Marylin Monroe – and who doesn’t fancy Marylin Monroe?* - and she’s meeting a Johnny Cash-type bloke in a silly hat who looks tremendously pleased to see her.

 Amber Heard for Guess
Is that a six-gun in your pocket? etc

Fair play to him, you would be. The star of The Ward and Drive Angry (and if for some reason you want to see her sitting around wearing hotpants in the car from Drive Angry, then you should read this Drive Angry article we did a couple of weeks ago and we’ll say no more about it) is a very good-looking lady, and no doubt he can teach her the ways of The West. Or wherever it is the bus is driving to. It definitely looks Western.

What’s that? This video’s been out for ages? Just like the Kate Upton Guess video was? Well, shut up. You’re not the boss of us. If Amber Heard’s done something sexy, you should get to know about it even if we missed it first time around. That’s just the sort of guys we are – rampant perfectionists.

For more shots of Amber, and some nice clothes on sale we guess, check out the official Guess website.

*Robots, that’s who. Robots and the dead.