FHM’s favourite former Catholic schoolgirl turned lesbian atheist, Amber Heard, who ranked 25th in last year’s Sexiest Woman in the World poll, is a very busy woman. In the past year, we’ve seen her pose on the front cover of Jezebel magazine, steal the show at the Salt premier even though she WASN’T EVEN IN IT and paint words on her naked limbs in the name of equality. Nice moves.

The above trailer for her latest film, psychological thriller The Ward, might not look like her hottest work to date, but director John Carpenter does appear to have fashioned the sexiest mental asylum ever. The four other patients in the ward are all as attractive as they are completely unhinged, making the shower scene a confusing ordeal in which your brain can't really tell which part of your body has the most legitimate claim for extra blood.

Heard, who’s also set to star in 3D psycho-drama Drive Angry and The Rum Diary alongside Johnny Depp this year, is very much the Hollywood go-to girl for horror flicks. But we can’t help thinking that she might have had more fun starring in Zack Synder’s Sucker Punch instead, because that film’s got guns, samurai swords, aeroplanes, sex, champagne and dragons in it and therefore wins.

The Ward is in cinemas January 21