Ah, road rage, don’t you just love it? You beep your horn, you flash your lights, you shout a profanity, you make a threatening gesture, you call up the number on the back of the van that just cut you up, you give whoever answers both barrels and then you smile smugly in the knowledge that, although you’ve technically achieved nothing, ten minutes of your journey up the M6 have flown past.

Amber Heard is too pretty, nice and American to indulge in road rage, but the 24-year-old actress does star alongside Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry 3D (out tomorrow, film fans), and last night, in a bid to promote the film, she walked down a red carpet in Hollywood.

Back was sexy and it knew it

Hollywood is now former FHM cover star Amber’s hometown, but it wasn’t always. Oh no, she grew up in Austin, Texas and then moved to New York to model for a living, before heading west to LA.

Have you ever been to LA? FHM has and it’s fair to say it's not our favourite city in California. That honour belongs to San Diego, a city which, among other excitements, has an airport with the most comfortable rocking chairs of any airport we’ve ever been in ever.

There are no comfortable chairs in any of London’s airports, as Amber no doubt discovered during her recent visit, which saw her be a star in a reasonably priced car on Top Gear.

“I feel comfortable in cars, because in Texas gunfights, fist fights and muscle cars are all part of the territory," explained the star of All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

But do all the boys really love Amber/Mandy Lane? You do? Well vote for her in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011? You don’t? See an optician. Immediately.

She smiled, but secretly the amount of blood in her colonic was a worry