FHM favourite Amber Heard’s latest role is alongside Nic Cage in supernatural, evil-bashing road trip film Drive Angry. She plays a diner waitress called Piper, who drives a ’69 Charger and makes friends with Nic Cage’s character, Milton (who’s escaped from Hell), not long after lifting a diner customer up by the balls, giving him a slap and teaching him how to talk to a lady. They make a great team.

What FHM likes about Piper is that when she lifts the lid off her ’69 Charger, it reminds us of the time Megan Fox lifted the lid on 1976 Chevrolet ‘Bumblebee’ Camaro in Transformers. And look how that one turned out. It’s just been one big party for Megan Fox since that film.

Sadly, that’s been recently curtailed by Fox getting married and turning into an organic grocery hoarding housewife who occasionally puts down her quinoa long enough to bust out a shockingly good underwear shoot for Emporio Armani. The dullard.

But here’s hoping our November 2009 cover star doesn’t do anything silly like that anytime soon. If we recall, the last time we interviewed Amber Heard - *rummages for dictaphone, takes exactly 22 minutes to locate audio file, hits play, melts with nostalgia* - she confessed to enjoying drugs, classic cars and older men – while bemoaning other girls, stupidity, and television.

Oh… and God. It’s a wonderful thing. “It’ll be a sad day,” said the 22-year-old actress, “when I care what a stranger thinks of me and I curb my thoughts to get further with my career. Some day all I’m going to have is my opinions and my loud mouth.”

And Nic Cage. With his guns.

Drive Angry poster

Bonus: Nicolas Cage losing his shit