Amber Leigh Hartman. It’s just a name that oozes hotness as you say it. Now, you’ve already seen her before reading this bit (and you’re literally mental if you haven’t, look at that big pic up there) but it’s pretty tough to imagine anything other than a really hot American blonde when you hear the name Amber Leigh.

So, who is she? Well, she’s no-one really (in a nice way). Basically, COED magazine on the other side of the pond saw a bunch of really hot girls at a baseball game, and posted a still on their site. Then, Amber saw the post and said she was one of the girls. The people at COED got really excited, got in touch with her and found some of these wonderful photos:

Why doesn’t this sort of thing happen over here in Blighty? Fine, we don’t have the climate to bring this sort of talent out in to the big wide world at this time of year (it’s in the 20’s in Dallas – where she was spotted) but when was the last time you saw a bunch of stunners at Trent Bridge? Exactly.

Seeing as the country is in a right royal mess anyway, we propose that the British Isles is moved by propellor to somewhere just south of the Canary Islands, and we’re making baseball our new national sport with free entry to 18-25 year-old hot blondes. What’s that? Any hair colour is fine as long as they’re hot? Ok not just blondes – this is a democracy after all. Vote FHM.

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