We’ve had the new Wonder Woman – this week, it’s the new Lois Lane. Amy Adams (star of Sunshine Cleaning, Enchanted, The Fighter and played “Gorgeous Woman” in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, so you know she’s good) is set to play Superman’s love interest in Zach Snyder’s upcoming retelling of the story.

Great! We’re a bit cheesed off with Zach at the moment, because he let us down a little bit with Sucker Punch and despite our hopes it wasn’t actually all that great. Which is a shame. Still, Vanessa Hudgens looked nice, didn’t she?

Superman wasn't so keen on Lois after she started wearing that kryptonite bracelet

And Amy will look great as Lois Lane too, we’re sure. Zach’s got some ambitious plans for the film, considering what it has to live up to (the previous eleventy billion superman films and TV shows) and what it has to stand alongside (Christopher Nolan’s fantastic work with the Batman franchise in the Dark Knight, etc).

He’s wiping the slate clean and “imagining that there haven’t been any other Superman movies,” which means presumably he’s just going to tell us the same story of “Boy comes to earth, boy meets girl, boy comes into contact with kryptonite, boy nearly dies, boy saves the world” as before. Ho hum.

By the look of his adaptations of Watchmen and 300 (PROTIP: recreate both movies by holding a powerful torch up against the pages of the comic books and projecting the images against a wall, it’s basically the same experience and it saves on DVDs) it’s going to be pretty by-the-numbers, but let’s hope that his flair for the visual as shown in Sucker Punch can carry it through.