Most of the time roller coasters are pretty exciting. They go fast and, depending on how well designed they are, sometimes you actually feel you are going to die. And that’s always exciting in a ‘not sure my pants are intact anymore‘ kind of way.

Alton Towers is home to attractions with such names as Submission, Nemesis, Ripsaw and… Rita. They have now decided to make things even more exciting in a ‘still not sure my pants are intact anymore’ way. Guess how they did it? We’ll give you a clue. Look at the pictures.  Got it then?

Amy Childs lounges on a rollercoaster

Yeah, they sat Amy Childs, vajazzler extraordinaire, on a roller coaster, and let people stare. And people stared. A lot. They might have forgotten about the roller coasters for a bit, but at least they drew a crowd. Go-go gadget publicity campaign!

Alton Towers are running a cleverly devised competition called the ‘Coaster Cutie’ in the hope of finding 20 'fine and fearless' pretty ladies to become the official faces of their biggest roller coaster, TH13TEEN. We think this is a great idea. Come on, who doesn’t want to see 20 pretty young things screaming and bouncing wildly (teeheehee!) as they careen around a particularly horrifying high speed mechanical device? You could go to Alton Towers and just watch that all day. We would. And it wouldn't get old.

And because we are so nice and generous with our great ideas at how to make the world better, we’d like to share an idea to upgrade the publicity campaign. It is simple and ever so elegant. A small group of lucky people could pay extra to get on the ride with Amy Childs herself, and sit next to her through all the screaming and bouncing wildly. Delightful! We think so.