Amy Childs recently made the headlines (all the important ones, anyway), when she was snapped 'borrowing' Jordan's gold monokini look for a photoshoot. Chaos duly ensued, and now, testament to the ephemerality of celebrity, she is gladly joining the ranks of those who become famous solely by virtue of becoming, well, famous. By logical progression, therefore, she had to attend a premiere of a lowbrow movie sometime. And lo and behold, she's cracked. Co-stars Lauren Goodger and Sam Fraiers unfortunately couldn't make it - they just haven't been papped enough yet.

Amy Childs at Jackass 3D premiere

Fortunately, the organisers had prior warning of Amy's attendance, so rather thoughtfully took it upon themselves to construct a playpen for her usage while the big grown-ups went and watched the screening. It wasn't a deficiency in age that was the problem. She had watched episodes of Jackass before. It was just that during the last premiere she attended she was kicked out due to her harassing a five-year-old child with incessant questions regarding the nature of the plot. The film was Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Amy Childs Jackass 3D premiere

After the premiere, which starred the usual bunch of lunatics, Amy tweeted, "Had a amaizing night...Made me soooo happy x x x x loved the premier tonight x x." That is the verbatim tweet. We have not made any typos, unfortunately. If the film had a 'corn' theme running through it, then we applaud her for the ingenious use of "amazing". What a brilliant pun. Even the hacks at Private Eye would have had a hard time coming up with that one. OK, we'll stop now. We've over-egged the sarcasm, even by our standards. So we'll finish with something genuine. Amy, you've got lovely hair extensions.