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461,000 Instagram followers
21 years old
17 outdoor showers
2 Game of Thrones girl crushes
1 Miss Universe crown
0 current boyfriends

Gentlemen, meet Miss Amy Willerton - the uber-amazing cover star of the brand spankin' new issue.

Amy already achieved quite a lot in her 21 years: she's been crowned the sexiest woman in the UK, world, and the known Universe. She appeared in he latest series of I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, managing to outdo Klass and Flanagan and take outdoor showering to the next level. Now she has Hollywood firmly within her reach as she's set to add the acting string to her sexy bow.

But not before starring in her very first FHM cover shoot.

To see the 10 life-changing sexy pages, and read Amy's thoughts on fame ("The moment I realised my life had changed was when I had to do my Christmas shopping online), her adventurous side and Banksy's real name, pick up the brand new mag from July 3.


  • THE RIVER MONSTER MAN: Jeremy Wade's fights with water-dwelling beasts turned humble fishing into an extreme sport, and Wade into an FHM Hero.
  • THE GIN UPRISING: How this spirit went from being your mother's ruin to the coolest booze in your cabinet.
  • WEDDING CHAOS: Randy hens, naked butlers and marriage-day sex marathons: when it comes to tying the knot. Will you do it right?
  • HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE: We show you how to boss your summer holidays like a take-no-prisoner SAS man-machine. You'll never get ripped off by a cabbie again.
  • KEEP YOUR HAIR ON… FOREVER!: Is it actually possible to reverse the balding process? One FHMer goes under the knife to find out.
  • PACK LIKE A PRO: From waterproof phones to unmanned drones, we present everything you need to take you holiday to the next awesome level.
  • SUMMER'S NEW WAVE: Retro beach vibes are this summer's biggest look. We've buddied up with Britain's best surfer Ben Skinner to prove it.