Model, presenter and all-round lovely lady Amy Willerton has been confirmed by ITV as one of the contestants on the next series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. We might finally have a reason to tune in to the show.

Here’s why...


She’s the hottest lady in the UK. Officially.

She was Miss United Kingdom 2013 and recently reached the semi-finals in the 2013 Miss World competition, which essentially means that she's also one of the sexiest ladies in the entire world. Maybe even the universe.

Subsquently it also means she’s got friends like this…

She’s doing it on her own.

She originally came to public attention by winning Katie Price’s modelling talent show, but when they didn’t really deliver what they’d promised she decided to ditch them and do it on her own. Which takes guts. And it paid off. She’s now doing miles better, so go Amy!

Her Instagram will blow your mind.

Seriously. We say this a lot, but it’s a genuine insight into the world of a stupidly beautiful lady that actually seems kind of fun. It’s like we’ve been blessed with a magic mirror like the one in Snow White that sees into things, only instead of for evil it’s for beautiful stuff. Or something.

Even though I’m A Celebrity is rubbish, she’ll make it watchable.

Probably by wearing things like this.

Marry us now.