If you thought Zooey Deschanel was kookier than a French Bulldog with a fake, twiddly moustache, then you clearly haven't been introduced to this month's FHM Girlfriend, Amelia.

Here's just a taste of the 22-year-old Londoner's very first FHM shoot in the gallery above and 5 facts about her that'll make you question reality:


01 Her dream job is to work in airport security.

02 She can moonwalk.

03 She's the very first girl from the FHM Girlfriend Selfies series to appear in the mag.

04 Her favourite dinosaur is the velociraptor.

05 She's amazing at algebra, even though she hates maths.


Confused? Uncover the full, sexy, amazing truth in this month's FHM, where you'll also find loads more bloody lovely pictures of Amelia.