With Christmas coming up in just over six weeks, it was about time we were preparing ourselves for a Marks & Spencer model to be parading their lingerie all across our telly screens. Sometimes wearing a scarf to protect themselves from the cold too – despite the fact that their bare feet are submerged in snow. Well, there’s a new girl in town for M&S’s Christmas campaign, Ana Beatriz Barros:

You’ve probably seen Ana doing M&S stuff before – the 28-year-old was looking really rather good in their spring campaign too – but you just seem to notice the Christmas adverts that bit more. It’s the upside to ad breaks during the countless festive films that take over the tv schedule.

Now, if you recognise Ana from anywhere else, it’s because the Brazilian has also been a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, so she’s definitely fully qualified for the role. In fact, she’s probably over qualified, but we’re not complaining because Victoria’s Secret won’t put her right in front of us every 15 minutes.

We were going to point out how tall Ana is, but we’re not quite sure how much of it is an illusion thanks to the Johnny Bravo-style hair do. Ana is intent on stealing the limelight away from Danni Minogue, which is something that Danni must be used to thanks to her sister, and her fellow Xfactor judge Cheryl Cole – who differs from Ashley because he has no problem picking a girl to go home at the end of the night. Ba. Dum. Tsshh.

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