We love mysteries at FHM. Like Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple or Columbo, we’re all about tracking down the truth and shaking it until it stops moving and we get arrested.

For example, we found these pictures of Ana Hickmann. Ana Hickmann, fact fans, is the last person in the world to have the official Guinness World Record for “model with the longest legs in the world,” although they stopped recording the title back in 2002.

Braces: now sexy

This is why our 100 Sexiest is a much more important cultural artefact than the (frankly criminally unsexy) Guinness Book of Records, which is barely arousing in the slightest.

She also has her own shop, selling all sorts of things we’re sure are very interesting but as all the words on her website are in Brazilian, it’s sort of hard to tell exactly what’s going on. We looked at the pictures and reckon that a lot of it focuses around jewellery.

So, anyway, we found the pictures. Back to the story. We found these pictures and, as we’re wont to do, we thought – “Gosh, that’s an attractive woman. We’re sure that the world would love to see this attractive woman on our fabulous website. Now all we need to work out who’s made those bikinis, and we can scrape by with an ounce of journalistic integrity.”

Ana, your bellybutton's rotating again

Well, we looked. We swear to God we looked really hard, like the opening paragraph of this article indicates, but to no avail. Whoever made these bikinis will forever go unrewarded, and we’re sorry for that.

So we thought we’d write a silly article about not knowing who made the bikinis instead. To be honest if anyone’s read this far down, we applaud you.

More pictures at GCeleb.