What is it with all these premieres going on? It's becoming difficult to keep up. Anyone would think that we're nearing Christmas and the distributors are all fighting to get their film released in the run-up....wait. We are nearing Christmas. Eighteen days and counting in fact. It's very inconsiderate, though. Both Spring and Autumn signal a drought in films because of post-Oscar and pre-Christmas timing, and then we're bombarded with blockbusters come Summer and Winter.

The whole thing is very sad. All those films fight for survival during that critical release period, and only the very best (well, best publicised, anyway) make the gazillions they so richly deserve. The rest are either out of the cinema in a week, or achieve cult status thirty years later. Heath Ledger won a posthumous Oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight, so there's no reason why they shouldn't award a posthumous Oscar to a film that died ten thousand deaths on its original release.

Angelina Jolie kindly agreed to pose with this elderly Chinese man

Angelina Jolie was at the New York premiere of The Tourist last night. In the film, Angie plays an English woman who uses an American tourist (Johnny Depp) to mislead the authorities about her former lover, a wanted criminal sought in fourteen countries. Sounds just like our cup of Earl Grey. Though we hope she gives the yankee tourist a good kicking in the process, because there are few things more enraging than a herd of those.

Angie, Greek goddess of arse-kicking

Hopefully, it'll be better than her last venture, Salt, which was one of the more ludicrous films we've seen in a while. Though we enjoyed watching her beat up and kill half the U.S. Government, dodging the requisite number of bullets in the process, the main thing that ruined it for us was her surviving a 500ft jump into a lake. Didn't the researchers know that 99.5% of people would die instantly on impact?