Karma is a powerful force; what goes around, comes around. Help an old lady – you’ll find a fiver on the floor. That sort of thing. Which is why we’re slightly worried for poor Anna Faris, who starred in the so-bad-it-was-good-then-bad-again 3D flop Yogi Bear.

Anna, don’t you realise that what goes around comes around? She was at the premier for ‘Take Me Home Tonight’, a film set in the eighties about four people who don’t know what to do in their lives. They also take coke, but it’s a comedy.

Anna's ad campaign to seduce men were looking a bit desperate

We think it sounds pretty awful, but Anna Faris is in it, and this makes a bad thing less bad. Have you ever watched a bad movie because a certain girl was in it? We went to see Love And Other Drugs because we like Anne Hathaway, and it was kind of worth it, but not. Should have waited until it was on telly at Christmas.

Anyway, you might also recognise Anna Faris as the girl who gave birth to twins in the last ever episode of Friends. And she was in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, but that was CGI so she was actually just lending her voice.

She’s been in quite a few things, has Anna, but she’s never looked as good as she does here. Were it a normal film premiere, she would be blending in with the red carpet, but this being a quirky film, they’ve replaced the red carpet with furry kitchen tiles. The crazy fools.