The tennis star Anna Kournikova has always been known for her looks rather than her skills on the court. Which is fair to a certain extent. She never really got her mojo up to full speed and never really matched the talents to the media furore. But really, if you were to sit down with the 29-year-old Moscow born beauty over a lady grey tea and a malted milk biscuit, we think you'd find that she's actually okay with it. Sure she might have had terrifying Russian coaches making her train 36 hours a day by returning volley after volley of tennis balls fired from several T90 tanks.


But then she found international acclaim as a model. Gosh she's so very, very pretty. And then of course she met Enrique, lovely bushy browed Enrique, the latin lover who whisked her away and put her in music videos, which everyone knows is the nadir of success. Just ask Pitbull, he's in everyone's music video, just sitting there on a sofa in an underground club or reappropriated basement possibly in an area of town that’s been deemed edgy. So anyway, Anna is good, hppy, just look at these photos from the new issue of Maxim. She's smiling, healthy, on a wicker chair and in 3D. Just count them. One, two, three dimensions. God, this was a tough one. Looking forward to getting home and watching The Inbetweeners and then going to bed? We are.