Sometimes, Anne Hathaway must feel like it's Groundhog Day. A couple of weeks ago, she attended the Love and Other Drugs premiere in Hollywood. Now, we appreciate that one of the few downsides of being film star is having to endure their more often than not mind-crushingly banal performance on many different occasions for premieres in different cities. But what we can't fathom is that when you've already had the premiere (albeit on the opposite side of the country), what is the point of an additional screening in NYC? Aside from monetary and publicity purposes, we can't think of a single one.

Anne Hathaway at Love and Other Drugs screening in NYC

We'll stop complaining now, because if it gives us an opportunity to display Anne radiating such beauty (and the faintest whiff of Polonium), then everything else is nullified. The film is released in the U.S. tomorrow, but won't be reaching these shores and disembarking until 29 Dec. We've ranted about how we find this an absurd, petty exercision of American superiority before, so we won't harp on about it again. In the grand scheme of things, we're more worried about a rogue asteroid hitting the planet.

Oh, God. Here we go again. Look, Alexa Chung, we told you yesterday that it's impolite to barge in when we're focusing our attentions elsewhere. Blake Lively didn't take kindly to it, and we're sure that despite her natural grace and calm temperament, Anne Hathaway doesn't much like it either. As we said yesterday, we will devote a page entirely to you, but when, and only when, you do something that has an ounce of significance. Turning up to every celebrity event is all well and good, but until you bring out a perfume range, or pose in your undies, or go to the zoo, or something of equal importance, even we can't find an angle to warrant devoting a whole article to you.

Sorry, Anne, we'll make sure she doesn't get past security again. Now, where were we?