Anne Hathaway has been given one of the easiest jobs in modern cinema – trying to be a better Catwoman than Halle Berry. We’re not saying we don’t love Miss Berry – for a 44 year old we really, really do.  All we’re saying is that if a crazy old bat happened to dump Halle Berry's Catwoman in a wheelie bin, there would have been cordial applause rather than rampant public outrage.

FHM will now be resorting to predictable cat-based puns for the remainder of this story.

In getting this role, Hathaway had to claw her way past seemingly every actress in Hollywood. It’s been reported that director Christopher Nolan turned down Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel, Sienna Miller and Kate Beckinsale before making the final decision.

Thankfully for Anne, this tail has a happy ending – she edged out her competition by a whisker and must be feline grrrrreat.

Anne Hathaway Batman
Red carpet could see straight up Anne's dress

Catwoman, renowned for being as hot and cold with Batman as your average British summer, will join ranty Brit Christian Bale’s Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight Rises. The follow up to 2008’s The Dark Knight will also feature Inception star Tom Hardy as stacked supervillain Bane.

But here at FHM we’re more interested in the one who will be wearing the catsuit, so for the uninitiated here are a few Hathaway facts. Firstly, aged 11 Anne decided she wanted to be a nun – luckily for us she changed her mind. FHM suspects that PVC onesies don’t go down well with the Vatican.

Secondly (and finally, as it turns out), despite sharing her name with Will Shakespeare’s bit of stuff, Anne Hathaway is actually her real name. Who’s Shakespeare, you ask? You know, he’s that guy who wrote stuff, stuff like “Tabby or not tabby, that is the question”.  We are so sorry. We're done now.