Anne Hathaway, star of stage and screen - and, let’s be honest here, of all our hearts - is in a new film called One Day in which she plays a girl called Emma (surname not forthcoming) who, as it’s almost the genre example of a rom com, falls in love with a nice young chap played by Jim Sturgess. Which is all well and good, and she looked great at the premiere in London on Monday night, as you can see from the pictures which we’re using to support our claim.


But we’re more excited about her being in that new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, really – you can offer us all the romantic comedies you like, Hathaway, and try to lure us in with endless promises of love that flourishes over the course of years resulting in a bond that will last the ages, but the second you whack on that slinky black catsuit (possibly the best use ever of the word “catsuit,” there) we’re suckered in. Maybe it’s all Michelle Pfieffer’s fault. That was a formative film for us.

However, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t out until Summer 2012, which is bloody ages away. Until then we’ll have to make do with these shots of Anne in what might well be the sexiest tablecloth we’ve ever seen wrapped around a lady, and probably end up watching her heartfelt portrayal of a mixed-up young English girl in One Day when the girlfriend drags us to see it.

But we’ll still just imagine she’s planning a massive cat-themed heist throughout.