In what must surely be the most highly anticipated film release of the year, if not EVER – OK, no, maybe just the year – The Dark Knight Rises finally lands in a Cineplex near you this week.

This is bloody exciting. Yes, because this will likely be the last time Oscar-winning Christian Bale will take on the role of Batman. Yes, because Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt join an already star-studded cast. Yes, because it’s going to be generally epic.

But mainly, if we’re totally honest, it’s because the very pretty Anne Hathaway will be donning skin-tight leathers in her portrayal of our favourite female movie baddie, Catwoman.

But how does the lovely Miss Hathaway shape up in comparison to the Catwomen who have gone before her? Behold her rivals, and decide for yourself…   

Julie Newmar, Batman (TV series), 1966

The first time Catwoman sprung from the pages of comics onto our small screens, she did so in the slender, lurex-clad form of Julie Newmar. Adam West’s Batman was too “noble” to give in to the sexy advances of his feline foe, preferring to pass his time with a teenage boy in green pants.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Returns, 1992

The most mentally unstable Catwoman to grace the silver screen is also, for many people, the sexiest ever. Peiffer’s character gains mysterious strength after a gang of stray alley cats nibble on her fingers. Powerful pussies.

Halle Berry, Catwoman, 2004

Hated by comic book fans for having nothing to do with the Catwoman of Gotham City and Batman legend, but loved by pretty much everyone else for showing Halle Berry in a leather bra for extended periods of time, this was Catwoman’s first outing as a movie heroine.

Catwoman, as imagined by Guillem March, for DC Comics


If it’s wrong to be sexually attracted to a drawing, then so-help us Batman we don’t want to be right. There have been many sexy interpretations of Catwoman over the years, but few come close to artist Guillem March’s pen-perfect creation.

Anne Hathaway, The Dark Knight Rises, 2012


Anne Hathaway wearing a clingy leather one-piece is the only reason we need to part with our hard-earned cash at the cinema this weekend. The fact that she's featuring in what will probably go down as the greatest comic book film of all time is an added bonus.

So who is the sexiest Catwoman ever? Let us know in the comments thread below...