Simone Annan may not be the next big thing just yet, but she's definitely sexy. So sexy that some of you wanted more of her, and who are we to argue with that? Plus, it's Friday, otherwise known in the FHM offices as "Girl You've Never Heard of in a Bikiniday," and we're damned if we'll go another week without observing such a sacred tradition.

Simone Annan in a bikini
Happy Girl You've Never Heard of in a Bikiniday everyone!

If you haven't read our first article on Simone, she's a singer/model type from down in Australia who combines the standard pop starlet tropes of a) a good singing voice and b) a fantastic body with the unusual addition of c) a brain you could fry eggs on. Simone is SMART.

So smart that when she's got a new video of her in a bikini out (and a bunch of pictures, too, as you'll no doubt notice reading through this article) she doesn't just post it to the internet and forget about it, no. She gets in touch with us at FHM towers and says "Hello chaps, I've got this video that your readers might like. Here it is!"

Simone Annan in a bikini
Here it is indeed

So, for all 194 of you who liked her on Facebook, and for FHM user Johnjnaznazareth (there's a man in need of a backspace key if ever there was one) who said she was like "a young Jennifer Lopez - only better looking," here she is again in a video. The video consists of her having photographs taken, and you can see those finished photographs here - so it's the modelling equivalent of showing your working. Nice.

Pics by Wayne Jones