Ever heard of April Summers? No? You have now. She’s a British model who has recently been covered in gold paint for Playboy France. And, well, she’s hot, see:

We’re not all mystic round here at FHM, only a select few are – and they don’t like to take advantage of it too much. So we’re not certain that she’s going to be the ‘next big thing’ or anything, but even if this is the last you hear of her there are much worse things to be looking at. Like new bath towels. Or tomato lattice trellising. In fact, if you’ve actually been looking for tomato lattice trellising this week then we feel really sorry for you, because winter is coming and your tomato plants are just going to end up getting killed by frost. Obviously.

Anyway, enough about the looming winter, we’re more concerned about Summer(s). See what we did there? We could have gone with something about spring seeing as her first name is April, or even brought up the old ‘April showers’ line, but winter and summer was just much easier really. What? Shut up? Ok.


If you do recognise April it could well be because you have seen the 22-year-old presenting on Sky’s benaughty.tv, or you're keeping tabs on the Italian and Polish editions of Playboy - she'll be in Italy's special edition before Christmas. So, what amazing new knowledge have you garnered from FHM today? That’s right, April Summers is hot and that you shouldn’t be buying lattice trellising for your tomato plants at this time of year. Choose which pearl of wisdom you decide to share with your mates wisely…

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