In a future issue of FHM, we’ll be running a can’t-fail, dead-cert, stone-cold-guaranteed guide to pulling out of your league.

If you’re a five, we’ll teach you how to pull eights. If you’re an eight, you’ll learn how to pull tens. And if you’re lucky enough to be a ten, we’ll tell you how to simultaneously pull Mila Kunis and Cheryl Cole and have a torrid, all-night threesome with them.

We want YOUR input – and there's potential loot in it for you!

* Is your girlfriend hotter than the surface of the sun? How did you pull her?

* Do you (or one of your mates) have a foolproof seduction method that constantly yields jaw-dropping results?

* Have you ever managed to pull a girl who your friends had declared 'un-pullable'? 

And it’s not just guys we want to speak to – girls, we want YOUR stories too...

* What’s the most dazzlingly effective way that a guy’s ever swept you off your feet (and into bed)?

* Have you ever been seduced by an average-looking guy who had so much 'game' that you were powerless to resist his advances?

* Do YOU have a killer pulling technique that never fails to bag you any guy you've set your sights on – and if so, what is it? 

And remember: if we feature your story in the mag, you’ll earn yourself 50 Great British pounds. To put that in perspective, that’s 4,299 Indian rupees, or 6,393 Japanese yen.   

Send your amazing stories of sexy seduction to
– and may the best tales win!