Shock news alert: some pictures of Arianny Celeste not wearing a bikini have surfaced. Predictable news alert: she still looks hot as hell.

Last time we saw Arianny, she was in a bikini and we reckoned that there were no pictures taken of her ever that didn’t involve her squeezed into a bikini in some way. Well, as if to prove us wrong – and we didn’t NEED to be proved wrong, damnit, we would have been happy with things the way they were – here are some pictures of her in a dress at a pre-UFC-fight party.

Arianny Celeste at a UFC event in Las Vegas
We're sorry Arianny, you've got headlions. This shampoo should clear them up

Luckily for us, it’s not much of a dress. It’s not, say, the sort of dress that a schoolmarm might wear to watch over a flock of errant rascals and teach them their ABC’s. It’s not the sort of dress that female pilgrims would encase themselves in for their long trip across the Atlantic. Nor is it the sort of dress that your gran would wear to church.

No, this is a sexy dress, because Arianny Celeste is a sexy woman, and no less would do for her. Indeed, the one time she tried to wear conservative clothing, it spontaneously combusted in several strategic locations leaving her lithe, tanned body tastefully exposed.

Arianny Celeste at a UFC event in Las Vegas
Oh, they've spread all over the walls. We'll have to get the exterminators in

We’re pretty sure that God helped.

Arianny’s not content with just holding up a piece of card, oh no! She’s actually launching a singing career. If you can be bothered, why not have a listen via the video below? Or, you know, just mute the sound and look at some pictures of her in a bikini. Whatever you’d like.

Also, doesn’t it sound weirdly like Remedy by Little Boots? Yeah. Funny, that.