No, we don’t want to look at pictures of your food and we sure has hell are not interested in your album of fireworks on Twitter. Okay, so we might be slightly amused by a picture of your dog wearing reading glasses, but that really is about as good as it gets.

Who needs a right arm when you look like this?

That is at until now. When we clapped eyes on these bad boys we had to concede that UFC ring girl and general nudey lady Arianny Celeste has upped her game, she’s raised the bar, she’s beaten her personal best… etc. She’s kindly donated us, not one, but two pics of her balancing her assets in a particularly brilliant fashion. She has granted us charitable reprieve from the pointless crap we are bombarded with every day.

Good photo.

Every time we go to a gig we have to watch the whole thing through the 8ft man in front’s digital camera display. It’s mostly just a haze of purple and blue with the occasional moving figure, but in his tiny mind it was crucial he catch plenty of snaps just in case. Just in case his friend is suddenly desperate for his particular record of events. “No, no” he says “I don’t want to watch the Foo Fighters perform live in HD on my TV, buy the album, or see them myself I’d really like to see that pic of the side of Dave Grohl’s fuzzy blue head you took from 100 foot away.”

Bad photo.

We pity the poor bugger who gets invited round for the fireworks slideshow or the footage we saw someone film yesterday of themselves riding up an escalator. We had to close our eyes when we caught a tourist filming their friend posting a letter. Except it wasn’t even a real letter it was a PIECE OF PLAIN PAPER.