We're not that familiar with Ashley Greene's work. We know she's in the Twilight movies but we've only seen one of them, and it was the second one, so it was all pretty confusing and excessively weepy. What we do know about Ashley Greene is that she looked great at the MTV Awards last night. This is an artist's impression of how she looked. And when we say "artist's impression" we essentially mean "probably quite portly paparazzi's impression".

Ashley Green at the MTV Awards 2010

Just very beautiful. Ashley is currently filming a movie with Miley Cyrus. The movie is called LOL: Laughing Out Loud, which is literally the worst name for a movie since essentially ever.

Ashley Green at the MTV Movie Awards - full length

Ashley Greene is not to be confused with Ashley Green, which is a village in Buckinghamshire. We've looked at pictures and it's quite pretty, but not pretty as Ashley Greene. You can read more about Ashley Green on Wikipedia. Be warned, it is such a boring entry that even thinking about the fact there is someone in the world who felt compelled to write it will make you feel very sad indeed.

Ashley Greene

So does Ashley look better than Lady Gaga, who wore a meat dress? Yes.