She looked good, too. Not that you'd expect anything less of Ashley Greene – she is a famous movie star, she's quite good-looking to start with, and it'd probably set her career back a couple of notches if she turned up in a ratty old Primark sweater with half a bottle of Morrison's own-brand Gin in a plastic bag.

Ashley Greene at the premiere for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

But she did indeed look great. A bit better than Kristen Stewart, even, who – while we love her and everything, of course – never seems to be able to crack a smile without it looking like she's feigning enjoyment for an unwanted Christmas present.1 Come on love, you're in Twilight and everything. That's got to be worth a giggle now and again, right?

The current Twilight film is Breaking Dawn: Part 1, in which the producers have pulled a Potter (as they call it in the industry, we believe) by stretching out the last book into two films. Ashley Greene is still playing Alice Cullen, blood-sucking vampire adoptive sister to that sparkly fop Robert Pattinson. Well, it'd be weird if she changed character halfway through, wouldn't it?

Ashley Greene at the premiere for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

According to online sources (it's not like we're going to watch the films, or anything, without being under extreme duress) she can see the future, which is nice, but only the futures of humans and vampires. Werewolves are right out. It doesn't mention it, but we presume that the futures of cats, tables etc are also hidden from her. That probably comes up less often in supernatural dramas though.

1 We're thinking light-up reindeer socks