Ashley Greene is in Paris filming her new film LOL: Laughing Out Loud, with Miley Cyrus - yep some hip movie executives were definitely switched 'on' when they came up with that one. Well, yesterday we told you how soaking wet she got with Miley Cyrus in a fountain. But these pictures tell a whole different story, mainly that Ashley Greene and Miley Cyrus were dry.

We must say, Ashley Greene's cleavage looked a bit bloody excellent and even though most of these pictures are quite similar, we think they look better in every one. Unfortunately, we don't look better with every picture that's taken of us, in fact it's quite the opposite. We're almost like Dorian Grey in that each image slowly chips away at us, leaving an ever increasing pot belly and a mounting stench. Luckily, pictures don't tend to show how bad someone smells, unfortunately the looks of revulsion from the people standing next to you do.

Anyway, enough about how disgusting we are, let's talk about Ashley's breasts:

We're not sure where Ashley was heading when this picture was taken, maybe she wasn't heading anywhere at all. Perhaps she was doing an impression of someone walking like one of those cack mime artists you get in Paris. Well done Ashley, yeah, it looks just like you're walking somewhere - have a euro.

We're not sure if this man is French, considering this image is from what looks like a cropped cast photo, he probably isn't. But he does look a little French doesn't he? Perhaps it's the ominous lean over the shoulder, the floppy hair or just the smug look? Yeah, it's probably the smug look.

We don't know who the blonde woman on the end is, or why Miley Cyrus looks so confused, but Ashley Greene looks like she's noticed something...

Yeah, she's definitely noticed something, the other two have barely moved, but there is a definite change of expression from Ashley Greene. Lord knows why, but it meant we notched up the number of pictures in the article, so who cares?


Ahh look, Ashley has got Miley in on her walking act now. Well done girls.

And now they're pretending to have a conversation, in which Miley Cyrus is covering her heart to appear sincere, whilst Ashley fiddles with her ear to emphasise that she is listening. Isn't friendship nice eh?

Here's a video about Ashley Greene being all naked in a painted on bikini. Great stuff eh?

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