Aubrey O’Day, following in the footsteps of fellow Reality TV alumnus Audrina Patridge, hosted a party at the Liquid pool club in Vegas. Of course, she wore a bikini whilst doing it.

Aubrey O’Day, then. Who the hell is she? Good question. We were immediately drawn to Aubrey on account of her prodigious assets, but also because her name sounds like one that we should have heard of. Like Arianny Celeste.

Aubrey O'Day poses with a super soaker water gun
We should be focusing on the girl, but that's kind of an awesome water gun. Where do we get one of those?

Much like “Arianny,” “Aubrey” isn’t a name. It’s nearly a name, and that name is “Audrey”. Maybe she had a dyslexic nurse fill out the birth certificate, who knows.

Real name or not, Aubrey O’Day was in similarly-weirdly-named girl band Danity Kane formed live on TV by funny-named rap superstar P Diddy. Or Diddy. Or whatever the hell he’s calling himself these days. Seriously, America, sort yourselves out. When we form bands on reality shows we at least have the decency to work a pun into their name, like “Girls Aloud.”

Or "Here'say." It doesn't make sense, but at least we TRIED 

Danity Kane produced that fantastic blend of utter uselessness that only US girl bands (and formerly B*Witched) can produce, which is why you’ve never heard of them. If you’ve got four minutes you don’t mind wasting, here’s a video of theirs from two years ago. It goes on FOREVER. 

See? Dire. Anyway, they’ve split up (probably on account of being a bit shit) and now Aubrey O’Day is reduced to hosting poolside events at swish bars in Las Vegas and appearing in Playboy. Which is fine, we guess. As long as she doesn’t try singing or anything, we’ll be happy.