Audrina Partridge, famous for wearing bikinis basically all the time and also being in that “reality” show called The Hills, is getting her own show about her and her family on VH1. It’s called, rather unexcitingly, “Audrina.”

Audrina Partridge and her hot sister at an OK! Magazine event
The other half of this picture is later in the article. It's a doozy

We think they’re missing a trick. Instead of being about her whole family – and we’re considering going to the networks with this one – it should just be about her and her hot tattooed sister Casey, and they could call it A Brace of Partridge. Ah ha ha. Here’s a trailer for the nonsense they’re currently peddling:

Audrina and her hot sister (and the rest of her family) were pictured at an event for OK! where they ”toasted Hollywood’s Sexiest Singles,” which is nice. Seems like a pretty shoddy excuse for a party though. Her mum and younger sister were there too, and while the other sister is sixteen and therefore off-limits for the time being, her Mum is fantastic because she was clearly pissed.


Just look at that face. Look at that fucking face. Yes.


Anyway, the show looks pretty dire to be honest, but so is most of this reality TV shite that they churn out to fill up the space in between adverts on MTV. You know what would perk up Keeping Up With the Kardashians? A who-shot-JR-style murder, right out of Dallas. Don’t care who, as long as it’s not Kim. Basically any of the others are fair game. That’d get your ratings right up.

Audrina Partridge and her hot sister at an OK! Magazine event
We think we might actually fancy her sister more. What does everyone think? 

While we’re waiting for Khloe to go crazy and smash her mum’s head in with a tire iron, why not look at this video of Audrina wearing clothes for Bongo. At one point she holds a small dog. Wacky!