We recently brought you the pleasing news that Kara Tointon is in Strictly Come Dancing. That means we can spend every Saturday night watching her shimmering around the stage trying to avoid Bruce Forsyth's 'sex hands' while we pray for a nip-exposing 'wardrobe malfunction'. No, Widdecombe, NOT you. 

Ready for more good news? Here you are, then. Audrina Patridge (the hot brunette from The Hills) is in Dancing With The Stars (the American version of Strictly). 

This is her greasy-haired, loose-limbed, rubber-hipped, flare-wearing dance partner.

Bitter? Who, us?

Female side-boob - good. Male side-boob - bad. 

Nicole Scherzinger won last year, which is hardly surprising since she dances for a living and looks pretty decent in a figure-hugging dress. Given her dancing pedigree, they decided to even it up by removing her lower legs for the duration of the series. This weird-looking blonde bloke then had to parade her around like a sexy little Punch 'n' Judy puppet. 

Yes, of course that was just an excuse to post a picture of her

You might now be asking yourself, "what am I going to watch: Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars?"

It's a tough one, Kara and Audrina are quite well matched in the sexy brown-haired girl stakes. Before you make a decision, let us just tell you this...

The Hoff is in Dancing with the Stars. We have to make do with Paul Daniels.

1/ Sweaty Audrina Patridge is boxing clever
2/ Look! It's Audrina Patridge! In a film!