Can you imagine what it would be like to have a giant billboard of yourself wearing a bikini on display in your hometown? Audrina Patridge can. It’s like this:

Audrina Patridge
British post box's attempt to make it in the States had been a disaster

Audrina Patridge seems pretty happy with the situation. Either that, or she's carrying an incredibly lightweight invisible elephant. Or maybe she's come to meet her friend and her friend can't find her so she's waving her arms in the air to catch her eye. Or maybe there's a gunman hidden in that rolled up red blanket saying, "Keep your hands up, and no sudden movements, or you're getting a cap in your ass". Or maybe she's just completed an Olympic-standard gymnastics routine and nailed a perfect landing. We don't know; tis but mere speculation.

One thing we do know is that we'd be considerably less delighted to have a billboard of us wearing a bikini on display. For a start, we'd be like, "How can there be a picture of us wearing a bikini? We're male - we don't wear bikinis. Okay, there was that one time, but we're pretty sure there were no cameras present..."

Also, we don't look like this in a bikini:

Audrina Patridge
That's not us - that's Audrina Patridge. Easy mistake to make

In the last few days, Audrina Patridge has been doing a lot of laundry and karaoke. How do we know this? Did we ask her? Did we happen to bump into her in the local Soap 'n' Sud where she invited us to come along for a singalong that evening? No we didn't, and did she 'eck.

Like all celebrities worth their salt, Audrina Patridge is on mumble factory Twitter.

"Karaoke time! I'm becoming addicted" she said, not long after she'd blurted "Almost finished with my list of "to do's" one more load of laundry then it's bath time!!!!!... Annnd vacation time:)"

So there you go: Audrina Patridge does her own laundry, thinks baths are worthy of five exclamation marks and is addicted to karaoke. And to think they say Twitter's a waste of time...

Audrina Patridge
That's NOT a bikini - something is seriously wrong here