The files don’t have any record of us ever having written anything about Avril Lavgine. Our video archive reveals that we once hosted a video announcing, ‘Avril Lavigne is not dead’, which seems like a rather remiss way of reporting news, but if Kim Kardashian’s sisters farting around on Segways is news, then so is the fact that Avril Lavigne is not dead. And nor is Cheryl Cole. And nor is Katy Perry. Anna Nicole-Smith is though. She gone.

Lavigne’s new music video What The Hell, however, is very exciting news. It’s news, because even though other things that have happened in the past 72 hours include Chelsea bidding £35m for Fernando Torres, Warner Bros. releasing an image of Cheetara for the new ThunderCats animated series and Egypt turning off the internet, Avril Lavigne is in her underwear. Avril Lavigne is so emphatically in her underwear that ‘viewer discretion is advised’.

Other stuff that happens in the video: Avril Lavigne puts on some Avril Lavigne perfume. Avril Lavigne steals a taxi. Avril Lavigne interrupts a basketball game and shoots a hoop. Avril Lavigne tries on some clothes in a shop. Avril Lavigne crashes a taxi. Avril Lavigne rocks out on stage.