Hey look, it’s Avril Lavigne! She used to moan about ‘Sk8er Bois’ and things that were complicated. Life was tough, right? Makin’ money, makin’ music, breakin’ hearts. Just another day being crazy old Avril.

You know what, Avril? You didn’t have problems. Life wasn’t ‘complicated’ for you, but it was for us. Tommy ‘Knuckles’ Thompson stealing your lunch money, being chased home with a baseball bat by future criminals, the freak-storm that was puberty…

“Oh no, I stole someone’s boyfriend, what am I like,” she says (we assume). NO AVRIL, that’s not normal. Also, Sk8er Boi? Boi? Take heed from Soulja Boi - Spelling and grammar gets you far in life, ignorance of these life-affirming pillars will be the end of you.

Luckily she got her life together, marrying (and then divorcing) the guy out of Sum41. You remember them. They were that sort of greasy off-the-cuff band who sang about… actually, we can’t remember any of their stuff.

Avril used to be a baggy-jean wearing, t-shirt ‘n’ tie toting skater who released rentlessly fizzy pop music, and while she may have ditched the threads for a more mature look, her music is still…well, relentlessy fizzy pop music.

Thankfully, her grammar has improved from her earlier hits and she’s looking pretty hot too in these new photos from a Vanity Fair shoot.

Belly button decided to take a sabbatical

Look at her wistful gaze, her playful pout; the deeply significant tattoos.. That’s deep, man. Instead of being wacky, she’s being insightful; she’s replaced her hot chocolate with a macchiato (or perhaps a cappuchino).

While her back-catalogue reads like the nefarious To Do list of a homewrecker, you can’t deny that she looks stunning in these photos.