Mainly because she's so cool. Azealia Banks just don't give a damn, for sure. You really should try listening to some of her music and making your own mind up.

While we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse here at FHM, we're not always bang on trend because rather than being an efficient team of specialists, we're scrappy all-rounders. The term “rag-tag” has been bandied around more than once as though we're a unit in an old WWII movie.

Azelia Banks
Paul French is the quiet one that snaps in the final scene and takes out a whole unit of Nazis

Hence we're about two weeks late on discovering Azealia Banks. Sorry about that. If you knew about her before, feel free to drop by the offices and we'll give you a quid and a quick cuddle to make up for it.1

These shots of Azealia were taken last night when she performed in Hoxton. Were we there? No, as we've said, rag-tag group of non-specialists. We were sat eating roast dinner and playing Xbox, if you must know. But we figured she looked pretty neat, and upon listening to her music, it turns out she is. Which is nice!

Don't, uh, don't listen to this at work. Unless you work in a very liberal office

She sounds a little bit like Missy Elliot (when she's calm) and Lil Kim (when she's good); strong, brash, filthy stuff that would embarrass Roy Chubby Brown if it came on the radio. If Azealia had balls, they would be squarely in your face. But she doesn't. Which we're kind of thankful for. Watch out for her... we reckon she's going to do pretty well.

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