We’ve got pretty excited about some of the content of the latest Victoria’s Secret issue recently, because it’s basically all been pretty fantastic. But there is competition to the VS bandwagon, and today it comes in the form of Israeli lingerie company Bonita de Mas. And for those of you who know the nationality of your models, you’ll have worked out where we’re going with this (or you’ll have read the headline like every normal person), because Bar Refaeli is Israeli:

Bar Rafaeli in black lingerie

Looks like Bar Refaeli has had enough of the Victoria’s Secret Angels getting all the limelight and she’s grabbing herself a slice. This is exactly the kind of drive and determination that we fully encourage from lingerie models, and support her cause wholeheartedly.

What we don’t support is her going out with Leonardo Di Caprio. It’s obviously a rather serious relationship as it has been going on for five years now, and soon it’s going to be ruined by a bun in the oven. We’ve seen it all before: Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes are both in the treatment room as it were, pregnancy is like the ruptured cruciate ligament of modelling.

Bar Rafaeli in red lingerie

It would be some turn-up if Bar didn’t go down the same route at some stage, hoping that she won’t is giving us a similar feeling to that we get when we convince ourselves that England are going to do well in a major championships. We've seen enough Tim Henman Wimbledon Semi-Finals to know that models in long-term relationships will eventually bow down to baby fever. Don't do it Bar.

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