Bar Rafaeli is pretty gorgeous. We can all agree on that. However, crucially, she’s not quite gorgeous enough for Leonardo DiCaprio, as the pair of them have recently split up.

Leo’s moved from our 100 Sexiest List to Time’s Most Influential List, as his new girlfriend Blake Lively made their top 100 this year. We wrote about it and everything.

Bar Rafaeli looks drop-dead gorgeous at Cannes 2011

In these shots, Bar’s at the Cannes Film Festival (like everyone else in the world apparently, apologies for the current glut of red carpet articles) attending the premier of Mel Gibson’s new film.

We’re not entirely sure how Mel gets to keep making films. He’s a terrifying man. We’re not going to go into details but evidence suggests that saying he’s “not very nice” would be a tremendous understatement. And also a missed opportunity to swear about someone.

For reasons beyond our ken, Mel has released a new film called The Beaver. The film is about a high-flying executive (played by Gibson) who uses a beaver hand-puppet to talk to his increasingly distant wife and family after a failed suicide attempt and mental breakdown render him otherwise insensible.

Bar Rafaeli looks drop-dead gorgeous at Cannes 2011
Hobbit cameraman got the best shot he could

What a concept! We’ll wait until it comes out on DVD, probably. And even then we doubt we’ll be watching it.

Back to topic – Bar Rafaeli is single. This is exciting. Let’s not worry that a) she lives in America and we don’t and b) she’s one of the world’s most beautiful women, and we look alright after a shave maybe if you squint. Bar, you fancy a drink sometime? Coffee? Go-karting? Whatever, we’re free. Call us.

*Ms Rafaeli placed at #97 this year, which doesn’t sound like much - but it’s still in the top 0.000001 percent of potential candidates according to current UN population estimates, so don’t look down your nose at her or anything