Two things that remain perenially popular are girls and top trumps. Well, they were when we were at school, anyway. Generally, at any given moment when we weren’t all trying to be the striker in a game of football or pushing the new kid into his desk and sitting on top of it,* we were thinking about girls or playing top trumps.

It might seem like yesterday that Leonardo DiCaprio broke up with Bar Rafaeli to swan around with Blake Lively, but in fact it was several months ago. (If you could pretend it was yesterday, though, that would make this article much more relevant.)

But with us discovering some pictures of them both looking great this morning, we figured we’d bite the bullet and finally do a comparison piece. But around Top Trumps, obviously, because we’re immature like that.

Bar Rafaeli at the CARNAGE premiere
BAR RAFAELI, Lingerie Model
Name Factor 70
Star Power 45
Leg Rating 65
100 Sexiest Ranking 97
How Much We Fancy Her Out Of A Hundred 80

Bar brings some solid stats to the table – a high Name Factor on account of sounding like a fashionable Italian nightclub, a strong How Much We Fancy her Out of A Hundred (on account of being a bloody lingerie model, come on) and a very high 100 Sexiest Ranking which may well be taking advantage of the fact that high numbers are great in Top Trumps. All round, a fair contender.

Blake Lively on the set for Gossip Girl
Name Factor 80
Star Power 70
Leg Rating 70
100 Sexiest Ranking 0
How Much We Fancy Her Out Of A Hundred 65

Blake, however, manages to outperform her nemesis in more than half the categories. Her name sounds like a stage direction on a Shakespearean play, she’s famous enough to have made the the TIME 100 Most Influential Piece, and of course she has those legs. Those fantastic legs. Her weaknesses, though, are the fact that she didn’t even place in this year’s 100 Sexiest, and we just don’t really fancy her as much. But hey, you know, lingerie model. That’s a hard act to follow.

*For what it’s worth now, we’re sorry, dude.