MTV may not do music anymore – instead focusing on ‘reality’ TV shows so vacuous you could probably clean your carpet with them – but hoo boy, they can still draw out some gorgeous women when they want to. And apparently they wanted to at the MTV awards, because there were definitely several present.

Do you want to see them, and pretend to read some words about them to absolve yourself of some of the shame? Yeah. Course you do. Read on.

Kim Kardashian and her epic breasts
With a creeping realisation, Kim remembered she'd forgotten to take the bins out

First up, busty heiress Kim Kardashian was there, looking gorgeous. We like Kim. Sure, she doesn’t do a whole bunch, but she looks incredible in a dress. Here she is looking incredible in a dress.

Kim got married to her giant fiancée recently, and while we can’t get hold of any pictures of it thanks to some canny work on her part flogging the images to E!, we’re assured it was awesome. There was probably a chocolate fountain and everything.

Victoria Justice at the VMAs
Victoria would often lose sight of her handbag when she placed it on her lap

Victoria Justice was present, looking lovely. As ever. She wore a dress that seemed to be made out of old sweetie wrappers, but in a sexy way that we can really appreciate. Anyone else would look silly in that dress, but not our Victoria.

Selena Gomez at the VMAs
Selena hoped no-one would notice the jam roll she'd snuck in for pudding

Selena Gomez, who is largely interchangeable with Ms Justice, was there too. She came dressed as a vampire for reasons that we can’t quite discern.

Demi Lovato, who we'd like to get to know better
Fun fact: Demi Lovato doesn't need to carry a handbag because she keeps all her personal items crammed into her mouth

And finally, this is Demi Lovato. She’s a singer, according to her Wikipedia page, who’s tremendously popular in America (complete with No. 1 albums and everything) who we’ve never really heard of. Two awesome things about Demi – 1) she used to act alongside Barney the Dinosaur and 2) she once punched a Jonas Brother in the face. Top marks.