That’s not really a coherent headline. That’s just a series of things shouted at you, the poor viewer, on this Thursday afternoon. You don’t need that so far into the week. You must be tired and worn out and you don’t want the oasis of calm that is to devolve into shouting.

Eliza Dootlittle at the National Movie Awards
Fun fact: Eliza Doolittle's mum was a floor lamp

Here’s a calmer headline – “Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Lowndes, Mandy Moore, Eliza Doolittle, Alice Eve and Christine Bleakley were all looking great at the National Movie Awards yesterday. Which is nice. Let’s all have a look at them.” But it doesn’t exactly leap off the page at you, does it?

Christine Bleakley at the National Movie Awards
Apparently Christine Bleakley was at work

Hopefully you’ve all settled down and we can continue. It was the National Movie Awards yesterday in Wembley (as you might have guessed by now), and some fantastically good-looking women went along to either receive awards or just to sit nearby whilst other people received awards.

Jessica Lowndes at the National Movie Awards
Jessica Lowndes is just one of those people who remove rational thought when you look at them

Not that there’s anything wrong with sitting nearby whilst other people receive awards. That’s what we spent the entirety of primary school doing, and we turned out just fine.

Mandy Moore at the National Movie Awards
We miss Mandy Moore. What's she up to, these days?

There’s not really a lot else to say. All six of them have fantastic legs (a bit like Rachel Bilson and Blake Lively in our article yesterday, leg fans) although you’ll have to take our word for it on Mandy Moore as she’s kept them covered up. Maybe she forgot to shave them or something. We can go for weeks without shaving sometimes, we know how boring it can be.

Never mind Alice Eve, check out that stunner behind her

Anyway. Legs! Beautiful women! Movie awards! Wild assumptions! Just another day here at FHM. We hope you enjoyed the pictures. We can’t decide who looks best. What do you reckon?

Nicole Scherzinger at the National Movie Awards
And finally, Nicole Scherzingertowerburger. Hurrah