Fact one: Megan Fox is gorgeous. Fact two: we’re good at our jobs.

Because we’re so good at our jobs – which basically comprise of looking at gorgeous women all day, occasionally scribbling down a few words, drinking some coffee, then looking at more gorgeous women – we showed you the video that Megan Fox did for Armani ages ago.

"... yeah, one large pepperoni and a large bottle of diet coke, cheers mate"

But we never give up. Some nights we don’t sleep just in case a gorgeous woman does something interesting, and we can tell you all about it. Last night was one of those nights, and as the dawn slowly rose over London we found out that there’s another video of her doing exactly the same thing.

But it’s a different video! This is the important thing. If it was the same video, that wouldn’t be news. But it’s different. It’s a “behind-the-scenes” film, presumably put together for when they release this masterpiece on DVD. We’ve already reported on how the fashion industry bamboozles us with trickery and cheap stage magic to make it look like walls are there when they’re really not.

This is from the portion of the video where Megan hides behind a wall for some reason

Now you can see for yourselves the shocking truth behind Megan’s fancy underwear film, in motion. That mysterious black veil isn’t supernatural activity – it’s a thin sheet of fabric and a fan! The sexy locks of hair that hang down over her forehead aren’t a result of devil-may-care hairstyling, but in fact carefully teased out by professionals. The room she’s being photographed in doesn’t even exist. Everything you have been told is a lie.

But she looks incredible, so it’s really not so much of a problem.