We’ve already told you about Lindsay Ellingson selling fancy bras for Victoria’s Secret as part of their Gorgeous campaign. That’s our job, after all. We’ve got our ear to the ground (the, uh, internet ground) to make sure that if someone sexy is photographed wearing their underwear, you’ll be the first to know.

Well, the second to know, after us. Or the third, after the photographer. And actually, hopefully the model knows she’s being photographed too. Hmm.

Lindsay Ellingson is Gorgeous for Victoria's Secret
Here is a picture of some pictures. Meta

Well, whatever order you happen to receive the news in, you’ll know. You can be sure of that. 

It’s become common practice for companies to release “Behind The Scenes” videos to squeeze a bit more exposure for their product or what-have-you, by giving some intern a camera and telling them to wander around and chat to people then releasing the footage to the unsuspecting public.

Lindsay Ellingson is Gorgeous for Victoria's Secret
Cameramen: obtrusive

A lot of these are pretty dire, and have about four minutes of the model in makeup doing their best to talk engagingly about the product whilst a) having their eyebrows done and b) not knowing all that much about the product in the first place.

Victoria’s Secret are professionals, though, so when they make a Behind the Scenes video they made sure that it contains plenty of footage of Lindsay in her bra sounding fairly knowledgeable about the product. At least, it seems that way. We’ve got nothing to back up her claims against, and even if we did, we weren’t really listening all that hard on account of breasts.