OK so you probably know, but that's not the point. The point IS that the woman on the left (Meliisa Molinaro) is hot stuff and she looks just like Kim Kardashian. You know what that means, don't you? We are now aware of TWO women in the world as boomtinging as K-Dash… Or are we? Let's discuss.

Not 'discus', that's Olympic and dangerous

We’re getting ready for the front row seats at the sexiest bitch fight ever, because it looks like this Molinaro chick is asking for trouble. First she fronted Old Navy’s K-Dash (yeah we’re calling her that now) looky likey campaign and now she’s only gone and put dicks before lady chicks by dating Kim’s ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.

How you like these apples, K-Dash?

If you have no idea who she is then that is OK. Melissa is a singer, dancer and the star of film (you are not expected to have seen it) Balls to the Wall written by none other than a man called Mr. Nutt, so we already admire her choice of career. Now she’s stepped it up a strappy notch and taken to sporting a leotard we couldn’t be more pleased.

She's watching you, Molinaro

Perhaps now Miss Kardashian has a rival in the bum stakes she’ll step it up a notch too and starting popping her booty all over the shop. She might start wearing bottomless trousers and backing into Hollywood parties. Alternatively the two of them could team up and take over the world one bodacious cheek at a time. Screw political infrastructure, that is the kind of world we’d like to live in.