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If you like Irish girls who watch The Walking Dead and love a game of beer pong, Bex is the greatest discovery since electricity and sandwiches...

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

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FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Bex

Name: Bex

Age: 24

From: Belfast

Twitter: @Bex_R

Instagram: BexRobertson

Day job: Make-up artist.

Dream job: Manchester United manager.

Favourite song: Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.

Recommend us a film: Shutter Island.

A book: The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson.

Last gig: Snow Patrol.

First gig: Does being forced to see Take That as a kid count?

Turn ons: Intelligence and nice eyes.

Turn offs: Bad manners and guys who don't understand sarcasm.

Tell us a secret about yourself: I can quote Anchorman word for word.

What to get me from the bar:
Amaretto sour or a shot of tequila.

Cook me: Mexican food. It's the way to my heart.

Perfect night in: A Walking Dead marathon, pizza, wine and good company.

Perfect night out: Glamming up for a night at a cocktail bar, good music and getting home at sunrise for an impromptu game of beer pong.

What makes you swipe right on Tinder? Nice eyes and someone who looks like they take care in their appearance.

And swipe left? Mirror selfies with abs out and the word "swag."

Monkeys or giraffes?
Monkeys because they can be small and mischievous like me.

Gold or silver? Silver.

Hula hoops or skipping ropes? Hula hoops. Gotta get those hips twisting.

Would you rather have one massive eye or giant big toes? Giant toes. Much easier to hide.

Quiche or omelette? Egg white omelette please.

BBQ or picnic? BBQ.

Netflix or pick 'n' mix? Netflix with pick 'n' mix? Oh ok then, Netflix.

Rihanna or Beyonce? Beyonce.

Tacos or burritos? Tacos.

Bum or boobs? All about the bubble butt for me.


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