Who run the world? GIRLS. That’s the premise of Beyonce’s new song, despite James Brown’s claim that this is a man’s, man’s world. Who is right? Well, if we’re judging by how brilliant the videos are, old Jam-Brow is going to have to nut off.

We have been excited about the video for ‘Run The World (Girls)’ after hearing there would be 200 girls dancing in it. Well, we didn’t quite count that many (79, if you were wondering) but we might count again after lunch.

If you’re at work thinking “Is this video for me?” then there is a simple test to find out. Ask yourself the following questions:

No bananas were harmed in the making of this dress.

Do you like Beyonce dancing in alluring outfits?

Do you like Beyonce wearing jewellery which looks like misshapen Ferrero-Rocher?

Do you like the thought of Beyonce licking said jewellery seductively?

Do you like it when Beyonce sticks her middle finger up in a ‘Screw you, I am my own woman, I’m all about female empowerment and stuff’ kind of way? And then it’s pixellated out by ‘Tha man’ who is trying to block her creativeness?

Is the thought of a woman who came in at number 45 in our 100 Sexiest Poll commanding a pair of gigantic hyenas something which you think is a good thing?

If the answer to any of these is a resounding YES then click the video and enjoy Beyonce’s new video for ‘Run The World (Girls)’.

The artwork for Beyonce’s new album 4 is also quite nice. She’s not wearing much, save for a furry sort of waistcoat thing. The album is rumoured to be called 4 because it’s a very special number for Mrs Jay-Z. That and, well, IT’S HER FOURTH ALBUM.

Psst, Beyonce... you're covering up your own name.