ANOTHER charity fundraiser took place in New York yesterday night. This time it was for Vogue. We always thought that the fashion industry was the true embodiment of evil (see Anna Wintour for proof that the devil really is among us), but its recent philanthropic efforts have caused us to review our cynical outlook. We may have said that they're simply a vain excuse for celebrities to display their generosity (sort of like Madonna 'rescuing' a baby from Malawi), or that the true essence of the event is smothered by glitz and egotism, but we realise our scorn has been too severe.

Blake Lively Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Bear with us, despite the distraction of Blake Lively wearing a silver trenchcoat. The argument is reaching its climax. So, where were we? Yeah. So, we herein revoke our bilious tongue, and pledge our honour as fully-badged scouts that we won't deride an industry that does so much good, for so little, and by so few.

Alexa Chung Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Right, this is getting ridiculous now. Go away, Blake Lively. Wait. What have you done to your hair? Hold on. Sorry, we don't know how Alexa Chung slipped in there. Though she does manage to wangle her way in to most of the oh-so important calendar events, so we're not really that surprised. Alexa, you get enough attention. No doubt there'll be a whole article devoted to you imminently. So if you'd kindly refrain from hijacking other people's limelight we'd be very grateful.

Thank you. Now, we were on the cusp of some epistemological epiphany before the constant interruptions, but have now completely forgotten the thread of our agument. We were vindicating the fashion industry, yes, but can't for the life of us remember why. Nope. Nothing's coming back. Oh, well. That's our crediblity down the pan. Now excuse us while we lick this brown patch off our dressing gown.